The Exhibition

A characterful presentation of British design during the London Design Festival
curated by Jonathan Krawczuk and Alyn Griffiths

The Living Room will showcase a selection of products, furniture and printed works that have been designed and made in Britain. Bringing together established designers and emerging talent, the exhibition aims to promote British design to a wide audience in a quirky and idiosyncratic setting. The hand-picked selection of products will form the constituent parts of a typical British living room, transforming the gallery space into an environment that evokes familiar memories and associations. By presenting the designs in a contextual setting we aim to demonstrate their beauty in use and the possibility to combine well designed products to create attractive tableaux. The display will also feature some jovial nods and winks to aspects of traditional British culture, helping us achieve our goal of promoting talented British designers in a unique and entertaining way.

The exhibition will run from 17 September until 2 October, inclusive of the official dates of the London Design Festival (17-25 September).

The Venue
Luna & Curious
24-26 Calvert Avenue, London E2 7JP

The Living Room will be presented in the gallery space adjoining the Luna & Curious boutique in
Shoreditch. The space features a large display window facing onto Calvert Avenue, a prime location in the
trendy East End, and a go-to location for visitors to the festival.

Twitter: _TheLivingRoom_

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